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A User Experience Lead in Manchester

In my role as UX Manager at Topshop Topman, a key goal was to initiate user centred design practice within the digital department.
We’d tackle this by involving users in the discovery of ‘doing the right thing’ alongside business and technical goals as well as ‘doing the thing right’ through concept testing, quantitative testing and usability studies.

The first major opportunity to do this was on a flagship commerce site redesign. A project I was aware of upon joining the business. The primary goals of the project were: * Optimise the core user journey of search to purchase. * Enhance…

My first project as a UX Manager at TOPSHOP TOPMAN was to assist with the complete redesign of the brands app.

The legacy app was cursed with performance issues and bugs as well as hosting UX & UI issues that led to low conversion and retention rates. A goal of the redesign was to make significant improvements to all of the above and launch a MVP with feature parity.

With a determined feature set upon joining the business my role primarily focused around working with a third party development agency to boost the usability through key user journeys. …

In my role as Senior UX at Tigerspike (Design Agency) in London, I assisted with a research project for a leading Electronics brand.

The project was to perform User Research on a global scale which would lead to suggestions in improving the businesses online strategy. We performed research across Tigerspikes offices in Europe (London), Singapore, Dubai, Sydney and the USA to best understand behavioural, market, economic and cultural nuances in each region.

We aligned on a research strategy prior to actives across each Tigerpsike team.


Whilst the findings/ outcomes are confidential, the process we took to reach these was: …

As a freelance project in early 2017, over 3 months, I worked with Instrumental to design their new site. The challenge was to define an experience that perfectly pitched the business offering to a prospective B2B audience of major brands and inventors.

Instrumental are leaders in online talent scouting; using machine learning to discover emerging talent, predominantly for the music and entertainment industry. Working with primarily record labels, music publishers, live promoters and consumer brands to identify high value artists and creators.

I previously led design at the startup for 3 years from it’s early inception (under the brand…

During Q4 2016 and Q1 2017 our Product Design team performed a stretch of User Research across major UK & European markets. Our goal was to best understand the motivations and journey of users when discovering events. This would lead to redeveloped User Personas, a refreshed Journey Map and a set of key insights to support decision making on the beta flagship eCommerce site. This incidentally is some of the work I’m most proud of so far in my career.

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